08 April 2020

Youth 4 Climate Action NOW

The project brought together 40 participants from Erasmus+ programme (Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic) and provided them capacity building (aged 16-28) that they are better able take initiatives that address their communities’ environmental needs. The nine days project implemented in Agros, Cyprus and it involved gender balanced participants who face social, economic, geographical and cultural obstacles.

YE Youth 4 Climate Action NOW
   The main focus of the Youth exchange, was environmental protection and raising awareness about sustainable development through voluntary action. The aim was to raise awareness about environmental issues and explore the possibilities to act toward sustainable living culture.

   It was a project aimed to develop among young participants from 8 different countries the importance of being in direct contact of nature to:
- Develop healthy lifestyle for themselves thanks to open-air activities
- Develop an eco-way of thinking and eco-habits, useful to create a better daily life and to start to think their own green-entrepreneurship future thanks to meeting with experts, role games, workshops, discussions, debates about topics as ecology, generation awake, recycling, environment, sustainable development and giving a big importance to topics as green economy and eco-citizenship and taking part in volunteering actions 
- Preserve the environmental resources as primary source of health of the Earth and to preserve our future.

    Climate change creates elevated levels of uncertainty about our future and amid this uncertainty, one thing is certain. We will leave the Earth to our children, young people and future generations. Young people are increasingly aware of the challenges and opportunities that the necessary transition to low carbon growth entails, and many are joining the global dialogue on solutions, getting involved and taking action. As young people work across the globe to determine their future by acting on climate change, their actions inspire us all.

YE Youth 4 Climate Action NOW
   The overall goal of the Youth Exchange on climate change issues was to provide capacity building to the 40 participants (aged 16-28) from the above noted countries that they are better able take initiatives that address their communities’ environmental needs. To get achievable results out of project, we developed the following objectives:
(a) To build knowledge of project participants on Climate Change science with theoretical and practical opportunities to live more environmentally friendly (causes, consequences, impacts on local and global level, eco- friendly living).
(b) to empower participants with the competences to address community environmental needs through campaign.
(c) to encourage participants to further use a social media and youth portals to promote eco-friendly lifestyle and empower them to multiply competencies gained during the Youth Exchange in their local communities by spreading outputs of the project (project video, press releases, photos and etc.)
(d) To promote youth interactions, networking and partnerships