10 April 2020

Young Digital Leaders Parent Guide

As primary educators of your children, parents and carers are best positioned to have the greatest educational impact on their children. Getting parents and carers involved is paramount in order to ensure sustainable behavioural change of children, both offline and online, so this next generation of young adults paves the way for safer, more responsible uses of the internet.

Parents and carers may sometimes feel that their children are more adept at using technology, however young people need support and encouragement when it comes to managing their lives online.

We understand that striking the right balance between protecting your children and respecting their privacy can be challenging, but they will be more likely to develop and maintain safe, online behaviours with your help.

This guide contains some tips and tricks on how to start conversations about the digital environment, understand terms and encourage children to be safe online. 

Read and download: Parent guide (RO) - Parent guide (EN)