Youth Center

GEYC Youth Center informs young people about various opportunities leading to their personal and professional development.

Our directions

GEYC Community
A platform of dialogue and sharing for Romanian speakers.
Getting involved in our local, national, and European projects is a way to improve yourself, a way for better! 

Information corner
Your first contact point where you can be updated with the best opportunities you can imagine. It is easy, just follow our social networks and get involved. | | | |

Volunteering corner
Get involved in the community through our quality opportunities for volunteering. You can either join the GEYC team or other NGOs and public institutions from Romania and from abroad. 
Feel free to follow the Information corner for details.

Traineeships & jobs corner
Get your first step into your career through our quality opportunities for traineeships and jobs. You can either join the GEYC team or other organizations from Romania and from abroad. 
Feel free to follow the Information corner for details.

Our activities

#învizită / #visitit

GEYC Community visits allow the participants to discover various institutions and interesting locations on a given topic.

Whatsapp Newsletter

It connects with our community in a timely manner through the most popular messenger app for young people: Whatsapp.

GEYC Talks

Are social gatherings offering an opportunity to GEYC Community members to meet offline, share ideas, and have fun. 


Offer a voice to our community members to have a say in fields that matter for them. Their results are taken into account in drafting our activities, strategy or in the structured dialogue with policy makers.

Tinerii merită - Youth Deserve

Is an outdoor campaign in which we ask people to write on a blackboard what they think youth deserve and then we take a photo with their answer and share it through the social media.

Digital Citizenship Week

Is an annual celebration started by GEYC in 2019 with the duration of a week around 15th of September - the International Day of Democracy bringing together activities and events connected to the role of internet and of the current digital tools in the democracy.

GEYC10 Changemakers

The idea behind the competition is to highlight success stories about community involvement and the impact of the activities in which GEYC Community members take part.

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