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29 December 2018

GEYC joins a new KA2 Capacity building in the field of Youth project: “Promoting equality through gender sensitive journalism and blogging”!

This project’s overall objective is to raise the standards of journalism and blogging, making them more gender sensitive and also to strengthen the human capacity of the NGO’s and their partnership with media in the partner countries. This is part of the process of enhancing democracy, good governance and human rights, while promoting professionalism and editorial independence.

27 December 2015

Blogging - an opportunity to improve yourself

Blogging is the best way to create an online personal brand. Connected with all your social accounts it will help others identify you in the virtual space. For example, if your blog name is Name, if they search you by your name on Google, they will land on your personal blog. There, you have an About Me page and links to your other social accounts.
It`s not a secret that employees are looking up candidates on Google and Facebook before calling them for an interview. Why not make a good first online impression?

17 December 2015

The world of blogging - share your story to the world

Being online is considered today a must. Most people possess a Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter account, especially the youth generation. Online Media has become a social trend, technology has evolved and one has to adapt in order to keep up with others.

But what turns into something very popular today is creating a blog.