29 December 2018

GEYC joins a new KA2 Capacity building in the field of Youth project: “Promoting equality through gender sensitive journalism and blogging”!

This project’s overall objective is to raise the standards of journalism and blogging, making them more gender sensitive and also to strengthen the human capacity of the NGO’s and their partnership with media in the partner countries. This is part of the process of enhancing democracy, good governance and human rights, while promoting professionalism and editorial independence.
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The project’s main specific objective, is to provide a group of reporters from Serbia, Cyprus, FYROM, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia with a long term training program that will equip them with knowledge, skills and contacts aimed at enabling them to report on gender issues in a gender sensitive matter. The key element of this project is use of media as a tool to reach the goals for which young women activists fight for – Positive change towards Gender Equality and its promotion.

Project Activities:
  • Training Course: 01.02.2019-08.02.2019, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Youth Exchange
  • Dissemination from the training course and the youth exchange – Local level
  • Workshop
Project Consortium:
  • Centar za mlade Rakovica (coordinator)
  • S.E.A.L Cyprus
  • Association Juvenil Intercambia 
  • Asociatia GEYC 
  • Az emberség erejével Alapítvány 
  • Fundacja Czwarty Wymiar 
  • Society support alliance
  • Fundacija SOU 

Stay tuned for more updates on this project!