27 December 2015

Blogging - an opportunity to improve yourself

Blogging is the best way to create an online personal brand. Connected with all your social accounts it will help others identify you in the virtual space. For example, if your blog name is Name Surname.com, if they search you by your name on Google, they will land on your personal blog. There, you have an About Me page and links to your other social accounts.
It`s not a secret that employees are looking up candidates on Google and Facebook before calling them for an interview. Why not make a good first online impression?

Blogging, besides its effectiveness on creating an online personal brand is a good way to improve writing skills, quality of life and will make you more social.

I`ll tell you 6 ways blogging can be used to improve your life.

1. You will learn to write better. Best learning method is doing it over and over again till you do it good, right? Through blogging you will have the opportunity to write a lot! Your readers will give you feedback and you can adapt. You will change the writing style, adapt the content and learn how to address to your audience with effectiveness. Best part? It all comes naturally and all you have to do is listen and watch for the signals your audience is sending you.

2. Critical thinking. Have you ever saw a successful blogger who has no opinions? If the answer is NO, I can tell you why. People will always find ways to tell you that you are not right so you will learn to doubt everything before writing it. A good blogger does not write about a product just because he may get some money. He will write only if he believes that the product is useful. Why? Because reputation means a lot more than money and by building reputation you create a personal brand.

3. You will live for the moment. Bloggers know how to have fun. Today you can be in your living room, drinking tea and writing an article and tomorrow you may end up somewhere in Rome taking pictures for your next article.

4. You will meet new people. As a blogger you won`t be present only online. There are a lot of events waiting for you to be there. From bloggers meetings to product launches and events created by brands for bloggers.

5. You might make some money. At start don`t focus on making money because your audience will sense that and no one likes to read a blog full of ads. Focus on creating quality content and then, based on your audience interests and your taste, contact brands for partnerships. Tip: If you take blogging seriously, brands will come to you ;)

6. You will become more confident. Doing things, being surrounded by people and actually have something to say will make you more confident. Have you ever seen a person who attends every week awesome events to be shy?

As a conclusion, creating a blog was the best decision I made. Since I started my blog I met a lot of people, I made a lot of friends and I attended some great events.
Those being said, if you speak or understand Romanian language, I invite you to my blog (www.mariuscalin.ro). There I write about movies, travel and I express my personal opinions about everyday life.

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