29 December 2015

Get the best photos - Discover the insides!

No matter if you are using a professional camera, a normal one, a telephone or a tablet, you will want for sure to edit your photos, as there are always little imperfections that can be adjusted using special programmes. And it is so easy, that I advise you to try it! GEYC helps you!

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” ― Eudora Welty

How many of you tried to find out how to transform your photos into the best ones? Social Media encourages us to have perfect photos, if we want to attract other people`s attention. But how can we do that? Are there any specific tools?

Yes, definitely there are! And I`ll show you some tools that GEYC Resources Center offers you for that. Whether you have a blog, a page for your business on Facebook, Instagram account or only a personal page, you have to start posting clear and well-edited photos. Nobody wants to see unclear or grainy ones! And that`s a fact.

To make it easier for you, GEYC has created a top of 7 resources that can help you obtain the photos you`ve always dreamed of!

Take a look at it!

And now let`s have an inside view of one of the most used:

1. Instagram

This tool is used mostly on phones. For editing pictures you have to create an Instagram account and after that follow the steps below. It is pretty easy and I will show you how to do it using the mobile version of it.

Here you can see the original photo:

First step is accessing the application. You are allowed to rotate the photo and also to maximize it.
After rotating and maximizing a little the photo, so that the object that you have photographed is in the center of the picture, you are free to choose which filter you prefer for your photo and, moreover, to add some luminosity to it.

By clicking on the square, you can add a border to your pic:

Tadaam, your photo is ready to be shared! Was it easy or not?

A little thing that you have to be aware of is the fact that all photos edited using Instagram will have this square final shape and some of them might lose some details that you still want in your photo. For that, I suggest you using Instasize, an application created with the aim of keeping the standard dimensions of the original photo.


A more complex alternative is PIXLR application. You can use it online and for free, by accessing this link: https://pixlr.com/

You access the site and select PIXLR EDITOR

After that, you have 4 alternatives as you can see in the picture below. I chose Open Image From Computer, as my photo was saved there.

And now the image and the Menu will appear. PIXLR provides you more options than Instagram and if you`re looking for having a more professional photo, then you should choose this resource. 
If you select the section Adjustement, you can see that you can modify here not only the Brightness, Contrast and Saturation of the photo, but much more.

The Section Filter offers you many alternatives that you can use for your photo. You can try all of them if you want to better understand this programme and after that, select the most suitable one for your picture.

The advantage of PIXLR is that in the right bottom corner of the page, you can see in the History menu all the commands that you have chosen for your photo and make comparisons between different phases of creation.

Is your photo done? Great! Then go to File section in the Upper Menu and click on Save button to save your pic.

If you are willing to use this application frequently, then you can also create an account on the website.

3. LunaPic

 LunaPic is another photo editor programme that you can find on our resources website. Even though it is not in our top 7, I consider it to be extremely useful and easy to use.

First thing to do is accessing the webiste : http://www190.lunapic.com/editor/

Next step to follow is clicking the Browse button and select the picture that you want to edit.

In the Edit menu you can Resize the image and select your own dimensions for it. Don`t forget to click on Resize Image after finishing, as the photo won`t be saved otherwise.

Menu Adjust helps you improving the quality of your picture regarding the intensity of the colours.

There are lot of possibilities to edit your photo using LunaPic, but I will let you also discover them. The platform is user friendly and there shouldn`t be any difficulties in using it.
When you are done, you only have to click the Save button or if you`d rather prefer to share your photo, you also have the alternative to do it. How cool is that?

Have you started yet? If I have awaken your interest in this subject, don`t hesitate to write me on the following address: cristiana.lucaci@geyc.ro and send me your thoughts, questions and also your work that you`ve been doing using the tools available on GEYC Resources Center page. 
If the photos are content related to our next subjects, who knows? Your photo may appear on our website! Good luck!