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29 December 2015

Get the best photos - Discover the insides!

No matter if you are using a professional camera, a normal one, a telephone or a tablet, you will want for sure to edit your photos, as there are always little imperfections that can be adjusted using special programmes. And it is so easy, that I advise you to try it! GEYC helps you!

19 March 2015

European Photo Rally: Show your vision about development through photography (19/03-15/04/2015)

In order to raise awareness about the European Year of Development, AMSED is organasing European Photo Rally. The best photos will be displayed on the exhibition that AMSED will organise during European Festival, in May 2015. The photographer of the most voted photo will have the chance to participate in a Training Course, in June 2015, in Strasbourg. Sounds exciting?

10 August 2013

Call for Romanian participants for an artistic training in France

Call for 4 Romanian participants for the Art'up project in Bédeille, France (October 1st to 11th, 2013). This is an artistic training course financed in the frame of "Youth in action" program.