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24 November 2017

Empowering civil society organizations to work with refugees

Over the past few years around 66 million people were forced to leave their home due to conflicts, wars, natural disasters and persecution - approximately one of every 113 people on the planet. Only in the first half of 2017, over 105.000 refugees and migrants arrived to Europe. After crossing international borders their future was unknown. Thus, there was a clear need of support and assistance to refugees and asylum- seekers so they adopt in the hosting countries and build their future.

07 October 2017

Gender Justice and Equality Project [STUDY VISIT], London - UK

The first part of this project took place in Yerevan (Armenia) and it was a training course, while the second part was a study visit which took place in London (UK) . 36 participants from different European and Caucasian countries took part in the project. The main aim of the 2 stage project was to increase the awareness of youth workers and youth leaders about gender equality issues and perspectives in Europe and to provide the participants with skills to develop good quality projects locally and under the “Erasmus+” program focusing on the topic of Gender Equality.