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11 April 2017

Geo's adventures: On the unknown paths of Malta

This week is special. Our colleague, Georgiana goes to Malta. No, she is not Italian although she can speak fluently Italian (everyone knows the Italian man that went to Malta, isn't it?) and she is participating in an Erasmus+ training course organized by our partners from Prisms Malta.

09 April 2017

Provocare: Cum comunicăm pe rețele sociale? // Challenge: How to communicate in social media?

English version below

În cadrul workshop-ului de debut al celei de-a treia ediții „Promotori pentru democrație europeană”, echipa GEYC a susținut o sesiune pe tema „Cum comunicăm pe rețele sociale?” menită să îi pregătească pe promotori să utilizeze eficient mijloacele digitale în realizarea activităților lor de comunicare europeană.
During the start workshop of the third edition of "Promoters for European Democracy", GEYC team led a session on "How to communicate in social media?" aiming to train the promoters in using efficiently digital means for their communication activities.

17 February 2017

Design thinking workshop - unleash your creativity

On 6th of February we have organized a Design thinking workshop for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Innovations Bulgaria. Thus, 30 Hewlett-Packard Enterprise employees had the chance to explore their creativity and to think outside the box seeking solutions for working with procedures, internal communication, motivation, time management and productivity.

19 September 2016

EQYP Survey on Quality- ESOQ: Final Results

What does quality in youth projects mean? ESOQ aimed to give a complete answer to this question, collecting data from youth workers, NGO managers, trainers and volunteers with various socio-cultural backgrounds. We focused on EQYP 5 pillars: non-formal learning, project management, communication & PR, partnerships and financial planning. Here are the final conclusions.