28 November 2013

Happening in Romania: More than 200 teachers take a volunteer engagement to promote digital competencies as a way to tackle youth unemployment

As part of SMYLE European project, GEYC has invited Romanian teachers to set up seminars and campaigns at local level in order to raise awareness among young people (13-30) and other stakeholders regarding the critical importance of digital skills to smooth the path to the labour market. 

More than 2.000 young people
will benefit from SMYLE Campaign
More than 60 local events were registered and the preliminary results (after the reports of 50% of the events) are impressive: more than 2200 participants, more than 200 guests and 200 teachers involved. Moreover, they managed to involve the local communities in both urban and rural areas in a very creative way: from drama to seminars, from public square to city mall campaigns, from small events in the classroom to big events broadcast by local televisions. 

Beyond the borders of a "Youth in action" project, this is a meaningful example to prove what Romanian teachers can do as a volunteer engagement if the cause is relevant for their community, if they feel supported and if this opportunity is presented as an open and transparent one.

SMYLE: Social Media & Youth - Learning for Employment