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09 September 2017

YE "Celebrate Erasmus" - Agros, Cyprus | #EFYL Job Shadowing

As you by now, the EFYL adventure has continues with another learning experience i.e. the job shadowing. Led by an experienced leader, 4 EFYL trainees have participated at the Youth exchange Celebrate Erasmus which took place in Agros (Cyprus) on 25th august - 2nd September. 

02 August 2017

Youth Exchange - "Europe without borders", Agros, Cyprus

Youth Exchange - "Europe without borders" was held in one of the most scenic areas in Cyprus - Agros. Romanian participants shared their experience towards this project through few lines and pictures. Let's see what happened with them during the project.

11 April 2016

Youth in CRISIS, Agros, Cyprus

Între 12 și 19 martie, în Agros, Cipru a avut loc schimbul de tineret ”Youth in CRISIS”, un proiect european care a reunit peste 50 de participanți. Tibi a decis să împărtășească experiența trăită în acest proiect prin intermediul acestui articol. Sunteți curioși să aflați mai mult?