16 November 2016

KA2 Project “eSkills for Volunteers” officially starts

On November 14th 2016, the kick-off meeting for the KA2 Project “eSkills for Volunteers” took place in Malaga (Spain). The partner’s project are Asociación Projuven (the coordinator) from Spain, Futuro Digitale from Italy, GEYC from Romania and Mobility Friends from Portugal.

At the kick-off meeting attended the Vice-Chancellor for “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship” of the University of Malaga (Spain) Rafael Ventura Fernández, the Director of the “Chair of Employment and Social Protection” Juan Carlos Álvarez Cortés, and the Coordinator of the Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud (Andalusian Institute for Youth) Silvia Cabrera.

The duration of the project is 20 months and the main objective is to reinforce ICT digital knowledge in order to strengthen social inclusion and uniform the basis of work of ICT-active organisations. The expected outcome is to improve quality of awareness, raising activities and also encouraging young talents especially from diverse, fewer opportunities or disadvantaged backgrounds.

The outputs will specifically focus on matters such as recruitment, communication, retention, conflict management and rewards for volunteers in the field of digital education. PROJUVEN aims to create a strong impact on organisations involved in digital education, their staff, their volunteers, the young learners and their communities and all together amplify awareness raising around the topic of digital skills.

For further information you can visit the project’s official Facebook page.