24 November 2016


TIME TO ENGAGE has come! 
Between 30 November and 5 December 2016 GEYC representatives will meet with other youth workers and leaders from 8 programme countries (Romania, Italy, Germany, Macedonia, Turkey, Spain, Lithuania and Sweden) in order to attend this Erasmus+ Training Course in Stockholm, Sweden.

Because it will equip them with tools to best encourage active participation of youth, especially in the democratic processes of their local communitites and in youth work.

In recent years, there have been a growing number of initiatives promoting and strengthening youth involvement at very different levels - international, regional, national and local. However, lack of youth participation is still a serious issue around Europe where weak rates of youth implication in volunteering and the democratic processes are still obvious.

The following questions will be risen by youth leaders and youth workers to address, discuss and give recommendations to raise youth participation and engagement. How young people can bring positive change in their communitites and to Europe ? How to increase youth participation in democratic processes ? How to bring value in influencing decision making in policies related to youth?

Hence, the objectives of the project are:

1. Assess the challenges to youth political participation, examining the causes of youth disengagement with traditional forms of democratic politics by presenting research findings, specific case studies and personal experiences.

2. Foster active youth participation, helping young people to become agents of positive change in their society and in Europe

3. Explore of the themes of ICT (Information Communication Technologies) and Social Media, looking at opportunities and challenges that these technologies offer to youth active citizens in interaction with policy makers.

4. Propose a manual/booklet steering our recommendations and work during the training, we will distill policy recommendations and ways to empower youth from the sessions and propose non formai methodologies for implementation.

The seminar will contribute to expending numbers of quality Erasmus+ projects around European benefiting local youth and communities and address the needs of youth in Europe today.

Stay tuned! A new experience to share is on its way.