29 March 2013

Spread the word - TC in Newcastle, UK

From 20th to 27th of March, GEYC participated in ”Spread the word” training course organized by Opportunity International in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, with the financial support of ”Youth in action” programme.

The training course “Spread the word” focused on online activism and showed the participants how to use Internet and media in the everyday work of NGOs. We have discussed the following topics: 

  • what is online activism?
  • how are the media working and covering important social and political issues in countries, represented by the participants;
  • new media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. - how to use those tools in our work;
  • creating a PR strategy of your NGO: meeting with journalists and PR-experts;
  • hate speech in media and internet;
  • Youth in Action Programme and YES Europe Programme.

Source: facebook.com/GEYCRomania,
Author: Andreea Rox Photography
The participants of this training course supported GEYC's campaign against discrimination "Black and white are not colours! Choose what colour you want to be!".