17 March 2013

Social media and multimedia resources
- For you, with you, to you!

To celebrate 21st of March 2013 - the international day against racism, GEYC launches The resource center, a free online place to gather social media and multimedia tools for individuals and non profits. The center is aimed to support "No hate speech movement" campaign initiated by Council of Europe.

"Many organisations believe that all they need is financial resources (money). With more than 5 years of experience in the non profit field of Romania and European Union, I strongly believe that the most important resource for such an organization is their people and their knowledge. Motivated and clever people could attract all the other resources they may need. This is how it came out the idea of GEYC - The resources center. 
We plan to build a free online accessible place where individuals and non profits could easily find the resources they might need. Our principles are simple: contributing, sharing, promoting, for you, with you, to you!
(Gabriel Brezoiu, General Manager of GEYC and initiator of GEYC - The resources center)

Together with the new technologies development, there are more and more resources online everyday. Therefor, it is even more difficult to find simple, free and easy to use resources. We aim to gather in this center tools, tutorials, tips and tricks that could help individuals and people working for non profits in their social media and multimedia work. As you may notice, these tools are for beginners, not for advanced users as we believe that most of the people working in non profits don't necessarily have a professional training in these fields.

If you like our work, please give a hand. As all our work is made by volunteer commitment, we need and appreciate any kind of support, as follows:
  • You can share our link or some tools to your colleagues and friends;
  • You can promote our center on your website by choosing from our variety of web banners (please send us your link in order to thank you in the Supporters section);
  • You can submit some free social media and multimedia tools for our center;
  • You can leave your feedback for us or for our testimonials section;

We have chosen to launch our center together with 2 outstanding European campaigns:

Group of the European Youth for Change - GEYC is a Romanian youth group founded in 2010.

Our mission is to empower young people to change their community. We are young people working with young people through both peer-to-peer education and mass communication supported by leaders