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18 September 2012

Combating discrimination towards migrant and Roma minorities

From 18th to 28th of September, GEYC will participate at ”Combating discrimination towards migrant and Roma minorities” European project which will be held in Strasbourg, France. This is a training course organized by AMSED with the financial support of European Commission through "Youth in action" program.

Source: GerbertEuroClub BLOG
The purpose of the project is to train and equip youth leaders and community leaders of skills, attitudes, knowledge and values related to the conduct of intercultural youth projects promoting inclusion of migrant and Roma minorities in Europe. This is achieved through non-formal educational methods that create comfortable, confident, respectful and empathetic spaces for exchange.

The participants will exchange their views and share their ideas and experiences on the theme of discrimination against the Roma and migrant minorities in their different social realities in the European, Oriental Europe and Caucasus, Mediterranean and Balkans regions (coming from 12 different countries).

For further details, conclusions and day-by-day updates, please check the training platform