15 September 2012

Call for Romanian EVS in the field of working with disadvantaged young people

Balkankids Foundation is searching for a European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteer coming from Romania for three months (October - December 2012) in Varna, Bulgaria.

Source: razoo.com
The project “Sustainable Hope for Disadvantaged Young People in Varna, Bulgaria” is based on the created stable contacts in the orphanages “Knyaginya Nadezhda” and “Gavrouche” – it develops and upgrades them. The volunteers fill the free time of the orphans out of school and in the summer months with activities in the field of art, sport and English. They will also animate the children in the rooms, created by our Foundation in the pediatric departments of the two big Varna hospitals.

They will join the campaigns of our volunteer group “The Dolphins” aimed at active citizenship. eco-consciousness and charity campaign like a Christmas cards making campaign for refurbishimg the local hospital. The project is for one Romanian volunteer who will be working and living in a cosy modern flat in the centre of Varna with a Polish volunteer Joanna Marzsak.

Contact details: vistaschool@abv.vg