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01 May 2012

Training course on the topic of forced migration at European level

GEYC supports ”Knowing, understanding and acting” - a training course organized by AMSED from 4th to 14th May, in Lviv, Ukraine on the topic of forced migration at European level.

The general objective of this TC is to train and inform representatives of NGO’s, youth and social workers, as well as leaders of youth projects, of knowledge and tools linked to intercultural projects, allowing the understanding and analysis of the realities and practices concerning the matter of forced migration along with issues concerning refugees and gender issues in the trans-European (European Union, South East Europe, Oriental Europe and Caucasus) and Mediterranean countries. Also, the training course’s objective is to allow participants to have self awareness in order to fight against prejudices linked to the issue of forced migration, refugees and the trade of young women for sexual exploitation specifically. 

This training course on human rights education, tackling particularly the different types of forced migrations, such as prostitution of young women and refugees, will occur in Lvov, in Ukraine, over the course of 10 days in May 2012, and gather 36 youth workers from 12 programs and neighboring regions: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine.
This event is supported by the European Commission through ”Youth in Action” program.
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