22 September 2021

Workshop on Strengthening UNICEF COs capacities on how to engage adolescents and youth using digital tools


On September 21st, GEYC team organized and facilitated a Workshop on Strengthening UNICEF COs Capacities on How to Engage Adolescents and Youth in Their Work (including SitAn), Using Digital Tools, with a Strong Social Media Focus. 

During the workshop, approximately 50 participants had the opportunity to learn about the new Tip Sheets and Repository tool, as well as to share best practices, brainstorm on new solutions and explore the particularities and different features of Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Whatsapp. 

Two guest speakers joined: 
  • Filippo Oggioni, UNICEF ECARO communication specialist talked about RO Strategy of Connecting with adolescents and youths through social and digital media;
  • BP Panwar, UNICEF ECARO Technologies for Development (T4D) Business Analyst presented the RO approach to digital safety and security online;
The Repository Tool is an interactive digital browsing feature allowing UNICEF representatives and their civil society partners to easily navigate and get access to relevant tip sheets supporting young people's active participation in UNICEF activities. The repository tool will be accessed without requiring login credentials, both from desktop and mobile.

The two new Tip Sheets address the use of digital tools in order to activate and engage adolescents and youth. 
  1. Digital tools to support the establishment of an adolescent/youth advisory board - This tip sheet provides suggestions for UNICEF workers on using digital tools in order to support the establishment of an Adolescent/Youth Advisory Board and the Guidelines on Youth Advocates and Youth Ambassadors, based on existing TORs of the UNICEF Regional Office, including tips for the engagement of the Advisory Board at different stages of the SitAn development, as well as in UNICEF overall programming.
  2. Digital tools to support the bottleneck analysis - This tip sheet provides suggestions for UNICEF workers on using digital tools in order to support the bottleneck analysis of the realisation of adolescents' rights and the barriers that prevent adolescents from benefiting from services across sectors and enjoying their rights, looking at issues related to the enabling environment, supply and demand.

The workshop is part of the activities carried out by GEYC, within the Partnership with UNICEF to strengthen meaningful adolescent participation and engagement (online and offline) in programmes and in events in the ECA region.