16 September 2021

Publication: Digital tools to support the establishment of an adolescent/youth advisory board

This tip sheet provides suggestions for UNICEF workers on using digital tools in order to support the establishment of an Adolescent/Youth Advisory Board and the Guidelines on Youth Advocates and Youth Ambassadors, based on existing TORs of the UNICEF Regional Office, including tips for the engagement of the Advisory Board at different stages of the SitAn development, as well as in UNICEF overall programming.

It includes:

Methodological guidelines

How and why to use digital tools, including social media, before, during, and after the Advisory Board Live Meetings? What are the opportunities of social media to support the engagement in the Advisory Board? How to include the most vulnerable?

Examples of digital tools

What are some digital tools we can use in the different stages of the process?


How and why can young people get involved in the Advisory Board?

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This publication has been developed by GEYC together with UNICEF ECARO's ADAP team as part of the project ECARO/SSFA/2020/008, Technical support to UNICEF ECARO's ADAP section to strengthen meaningful adolescent participation and engagement (online and offline) in UNICEF programmes and in institutional events in the ECA region