12 August 2019

It's a wrap - European Fellowship on Youth Leadership (EFYL) - Second Edition

European Fellowship on Youth Leadership (EFYL) is a complex programme of youth leadership initiated by GEYC in 2017, under the aegis of PRISMA European Network. The second edition has taken place in the frame of the #PlayEurope project and has had the duration of 9 months (October 2018 - July 2019).

The participants have gone through various phases:

1. Bootcamp, which has focused on the following topics: 
  • Leadership, teamwork and team management;
  • Non-formal education methods;
  • Understanding the categories of reduced opportunities and their integrated approach for social inclusion;
  • Basics of project management;
  • Basic concepts of intercultural communication;
  • Basics of conflict management and negotiation;
  • The specificity of Erasmus + youth exchanges;
  • The specifics of social entrepreneurship and the #PlayEurope project;
2. Job Shadowing - the opportunity to learn from experienced group leaders in Youth Exchanges;
3. Practice 
4. Get Involved
5. Final Evaluation

Given that the current edition of the EFYL program has been included in the KA2 project #PlayEurope, the participants have:

  • participated in mobilities on the topic of social entrepreneurship or related topics;
  • organized activities on social entrepreneurship or related topics;
  • volunteered to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship (in partner schools, online environment, etc.)

Here's some thoughts from the participants at the end of the programme:

EFYL was a perfect opportunity for me to learn, to recalibrate my values ​​and interests, a step forward for development. At EFYL I met a few people that I came to take as an example, or just to make strong connections. The program offers added value to the community because no other NGO in Romania places so much emphasis on the role of leader in international projects. The bootcamp was very useful to understand many aspects of international projects that I was not aware of despite my participation in many similar projects before. I very much wish other community members to have such a positive experience, and to really get involved, because we are the first and most important beneficiaries of the program.

EFYL has opened a new stage in my life. Stage characterized by beauty, evolution, friendship, development of new skills and aptitudes and change of perspective on life itself.

Out of 17 participants, 10 have gone though all the phases and have graduated the programme.

We have definitely learned a lot along our participants during these past 9 months and we are looking forward to use this experience in the future edition(s) of EFYL!