16 August 2019

Seminar: [ES-265] Project Management for Young Europeans (FOYER), 04.08.2019-10.08.2019, Los Ángeles de San Rafael, Spain

28 young people gathered between 04.08.2019-10.08.2019 in Los Ángeles de San Rafael, Spain, for a seminar on the topic of project management.

“Project management for young Europeans” (FOYER) is a project promoted by the Building Bridges Association and implemented thanks to the contribution of partners involved in vocational training courses, hosted by YES EUROPA. The latter is committed to developing adequate knowledge to create and manage projects supported by the European Commission under the current Erasmus+ programme.

I couldn't feel more European than this... and blessed to have met all you remarkable people from all around Europe and beyond. 
Thank you so much to the Italian-Spanish coalition of partners-in-miracles! 🙃
Hope to see you all again soon! - Iuno Mavlea
More photos here

Some of the objectives were:

  • Develop entrepreneurship, leadership and project management skills;
  • Learn how to exploit the tools and competencies used by a European project manager to benefit from the EU funds for youth;
  • Manage all the main tools, skills and strategies required to work in this field, with the aim of creating a project of quality capable of having a tangible impact among civil society;
  • Identify the peculiar aspects and characteristics of each opportunity provided by the European Commission and, consequently, acquire knowledge and experience to create European projects within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme;
  • Search for new forms of partnership able to facilitate the creation and development of new European initiatives in the field of international mobility.

Read more here about the project.