08 June 2018

TC, A world without discrimination, Ödemiş, Turkey

In the mid of April (22-30), two amazing #GEYCuleți went to Turkey to take part in a Training Course aiming to discover what form discrimination takes in the European context.  

Alexandra and Delia were our participants in the "A world without discrimination" project.

The training course has gathered 25 youth workers/young leaders, 2/3 from each of the 9 partner organizations, who are committed towards or interested in combating discrimination, in working with disadvantaged groups, migrants and refugees, having volunteers experience or strong connection with their sending organization in order to act as youth multipliers later on. 

The team
The objectives of the Training Course were to create a European hub to share realities and challenges organisations face, and exchange good practices in combating discriminatory communication, to diagnose different types of language-based discrimination across Europe, especially concerning migrants and refugees in online or offline context, to investigate how young people talk about certain groups of people, especially migrants and how media refer to them, to raise awareness among youngsters on the fundamental role of fair, non discriminatory communication in uniting the society,  to highlight the fault line between the Freedom of Speech and Expression, and Hate Speech, to develop appropriate inclusive communication to be used among youth. 

During the follow – up activities Guidelines translated to the different languages of the participating countries were shared with different stakeholders at local level, with the support of their sending organizations, promoting the principles of an inclusive society to the whole population of their communities.

Here is what Alexandra thought of the project:

"This project had a great impact on me because not only I met great people with an open mind but I now understand better that if we get involved we can make a difference. To be 10 days among these amazing people was a great experience that changed me fundamentally. Not only have I learnt other languages but my English improved as well and I can now deliver public speeches with ease. 

The discrimination issue is a tough subject but, by attending this kind of training courses, we can learn how to stop it and how to react in public when we face such situations."

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