24 October 2015

Call for 3 Romanian participants: Training Course in Flaxley - Gloucestershire, UK (18 - 26 Jan 2016)

GEYC is selecting 3 Romanian participants, to take part in "Act for your Community! Training on Community development" European project that will take place in Flaxley - Gloucestershire, UK from 18 to 26 January 2016. The main aim of this training course is to transform the youth in becoming active contributors of their communities and inspire others around them to become more aware, inclusive and engaged in their environment. make a positive effect on unemployment issues and on young workers participants by sharing their experiences from the project. Deadline: 3 November 2015 | Apply now!

Please notice that this call is for Romanian participants only. Other applications will not be considered.
Deadline: 3 November 2015 | Apply now!

Flaxley Abbey

About the project:
Inclusiveness, participation, empowerment, cohesion...all these are crucial elements that one meets when seeking to build, reinforce or animate a community. For if cultivating a community spirit is about contributing together towards a common cause, it is also simply about becoming more aware and active individuals. With such an important but complex task, creativity and innovation hold a great potential to bring about and sustain the communities of the future. At ASHA we believe that the practice of the arts is a very powerful tool to make the experience of a community a holistic, sustainable and enjoyable one. Through exploring mainly theatre, music and dance, this course will look at the way young people can become active contributors of their communities and inspire others around them to become more aware, inclusive and engaged in their environment. Based on Non-Formal Education methods, the course will provide participants with basic skills in dance, theatre and music in the light of community development, as well as encourage individual and collective creativity. Sharing good practices and community engagement techniques will also be part of it.

Available places:
-3 participants with no superior age limit (minimum 18 years old)

Selection criteria:
-personal and professional motivation
-gender balance
-english language
-GEYC volunteers and GEYC Community applicants will have priority to participate

Deadline: 3 November 2015 | Apply now!


  • until 3 November 2015: submitting the application form
  • by 20 November 2015: selection of participants, notifications and confirmations (paying the participation fee - please notice that the participation fee is non-reimbursable) 
    Note: if you won't receive an e-mail by 20 November, it means that we found other suitable candidates for this project. 
  • by 25 November: arranging the travel details (please be ready to cover your travel costs) feel free to check geyc.ro/flights for the current price level. GEYC will support you throughout the booking process and the reimbursement procedure; 
  • between 18.01.-26.01.2016: the training course takes place

  • Source: stevensheehy.com/asha/
    Financial details:
    The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission: 
    • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs; 
    • Transport cost up to 80% within 360 EUR (e.g. if the plane ticket costs 200 EUR, you will get only 160 EUR, meaning 80%; if you a plane ticket costs 400 EUR (over 360 EUR), you will get only 80% of 360 EUR, meaning 288 EUR)
    Participants will be required to cover: 
    • a participation fee covering administrative costs for this project (the fee will be paid in RON, by bank transfer; the fee will be paid after the participants are selected). Please don't pay any fee before you receive the confirmation e-mail): 225 RON (50 EURO) for GEYC Community (please note that for this call we will consider the members that joined the Community before 24 October 2015) applicants and 360 RON (80 EUR) for other applicants (GEYC active volunteers are not required to pay the participation fee); The fee is calculated at a fixed exchage rate (EUR=4.5 RON)
    • (if needed) transport cost - only the amount exceeding 80% of the travel budget; 
    • (if needed) medical insurance; 
    • (if needed) any other personal costs.

    Relevant information 
    • In order to start their travel, Romanian participants should own a valid ID or passport.
    • Arrangements regarding medical insurance are the responsibility of the participants.
    • In order to be reimbursed, Romanian participants should start their travel from Romania.
    • Please make sure you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of GEYC European mobility programs before you apply
    • Accomodation will be at ASHA Center
    • The refund for the travel will be made by bank transfer to GEYC Association, when the original tickets and boarding passes (for the way back home) will arrive to the organisers in UK (by post or by e-mail). GEYC will also transfer to all the participants.
    • The ASHA Centre has carpeted areas where shoes are to be removed. We advise you to bring a comfortable pair of house shoes/slippers.
    • Please be prepared to briefly present GEYC organisation during the training.
    • Please also bring some national drinks and snacks for the intercultural evening
    Deadline: 3 November 2015 | Apply now!

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us through the Contact form or by Facebook (as a private message). Please mention ”Act for your Community! Project” when you contact us.