27 February 2013

Advanced training on quality (ATOQ)

From 19 to 24 February 2013 GEYC took part at ATOQ - Advanced training on quality of youth exchanges in Taastrup, Denmark. The event was organized by the National Agencies from Denmark and France.

GEYC decided to make a step forward raising the quality in European youth exchanges by participating to ATOQ. The training is a complex experience approaching the concept of quality from various perspectives related to the philosophy of "Youth in action" programme:
  • using nonformal learning methods and tools;
  • encouraging active participation of young people as sense of European citizenship;
  • enhancing cultural diversity through intercultural dialogue;
  • including young people with fewer opportunities;
Source: Martijn Bergsma
The "medals" of the youth workers taking part in the training
ATOQ is a training course which has been developed to increase quality within youth exchanges. During 5 days, an international group of youth workers will look back to their past experience(s), focus on quality aspects and improve their management competences in order to improve quality for their future youth exchanges The quality aspects which will form the pillars of this course are off course the same as the very well know features of the YOUTH IN ACTION programme. ATOQ is a training course which has been run since 2004. 

To support experienced youth workers/leaders in increasing the quality of the European youth exchanges they set up within the YOUTH IN ACTION Programme. 

The ATOQ training course will provide the participants with opportunities to: 
1. Critically reflect upon their previous international youth exchange experience(s) and the impact on young people; 
2. Increase the understanding of different quality aspects of youth exchanges such as: active participation of young people , involvement of promoters and stakeholders, diversity and intercultural learning, European dimension and citizenship; 
3. Experience a non-formal learning process and understand its importance in youth exchanges; 
4. Improve their project management competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in order to better organize the different phases of a youth exchange.

The participation to this training course was possible with the financial support of "Youth in action" programme given by the Romanian National Agency (ANPCDEFP), Dannish National Agency and French National Agency.
The National Agencies and the European Commission could not be made responsible for the content of this publication.