15 January 2013

Call for partners: Youth exchange (YiA, 1.1) in Sicily on the topic of unemployment

We invite you to be a partner of ”Open the door to the work – O.D.W”, a youth exchange organized by the Municipality of Roccalumera in partnership with GEYC on the topic of unemployment from 22 to 29 July 2013 in Roccalumera, Italy.

The deadline to express interest on this project and to send Part3 is 20/01/2013.Source: http://www.thepoke.co.uk

The topic of this project is youth unemployment. The young participants will have the opportunity to discuss this issue and acquire new knowledge and skills through youth mobility supported by the Youth in Action program.

During the exchange we would like to:

- Organizing workshops and conferences;

- Simulate a session of the European Parliament

- do a flash mob

- Simulate an information office for the young unemployed (job demand and supply)

- Knowledge of how a young man living with the problem of unemployment in different countries

- Stimulate creativity

- Put to test the ability of young people.

- We will try to become open-minded, overcome shyness and gain self-confidence more.


Unemployed young people aged 20 to 30 years (max 6 per organization + leader group)


Organizations from European countries and the countries participating in the “Youth in Action” program excepting Italy, Turkey and Romania, which are already partners in this project.

The deadline to express interest on this project and to send Part3 is 20/01/2013.

Available downloads (please be aware that these files can be downloaded only until 20/01/2013): Project description | Part 3