31 October 2023

#Youth4Bauhaus | The New European Bauhaus Initiative Enabler ToolKit is now ready

    The concept of the Youth 4 Bauhaus project, of which GEYC is a partner, emerged in response to the launch of the New European Bauhaus initiative (NEBI) by the European Commission in October 2020. NEBI is an environmentally focused initiative of the European Union that aims to bring together the principles of sustainable development, aesthetic beauty, and democratic inclusion to create attractive, sustainable, and all-encompassing living environments.

    In order to bring this vision to reality, we must create a ripple effect by gathering input from experts in various fields, such as architecture, urban planning, construction engineering, technology, sociology, business, politics, and, most importantly, the diverse European citizenry and youth. Unfortunately, many young people currently feel left out of these conversations. 

    Youth 4 Bauhaus aims to address issues such as the lack of participatory co-creation of cities of young people by providing activities, tools, and a platform for involving them in the collaborative design of sustainable, inclusive, and green cities and public spaces. Young people play a significant role in these discussions, because the decisions made will not only shape the physical environments where they will live, work, and spend their leisure time in the future, but also impact the future of our planet. 

    Being said that, the team: GEYC, Creative Industry Kosice (Slovakia), Teatro Circo de Braga (Portugal) and CollectiveUP (Belgium), created a transferable methodology explaining NEBI and green transition to young people and teachers/trainers. The NEBI Enabler Kit is designed for teachers, youth workers, and young individuals involved in the Youth 4 Bauhaus project, as well as schools and youth organizations or anyone interested in learning more about public spaces, sustainability, climate and environmental initiatives. 

The NEBI Enabler Kit consists of five modules:

1 - Green Cookbook: Information on sustainable design and eco-friendly construction materials.
2 - Methodological Guide: For facilitating workshops and dialogues with young people.
3 - A 3D Model: A generic public space 3D model near a river.
4 - Technical Guide: Includes a video on using the 3D model in Minecraft Education.
5 - Non-formal Education Activity Plan: Combines all components for educational purposes.


Down below you can find the English and the Romanian version of the Enabler Toolkit:
Enabler toolkit
Enabler toolkit