31 May 2021

How much do You(th) know about Climate?


GEYC joined SDSN Black Sea as a partner for the 3-day online event ‘How much do You(th) know about Climate?’ organized on the occasion of the International Mother Earth Day (22nd April), World Environment Day (5th June), and World Oceans Day (8th June). 

The event consisted of 8 independent sessions. Through the event, participants were able to:

  • understand how environmental issues are incorporated into the SDGs;
  • recognize the current situation, existing challenges, and possible pathways for action on various climate-related topics;
  • realize the role of young people in the promotion of climate action and the achievement of the related SDGs;
  • get connected with other young people and representatives of youth-led organizations;
  • comprehend the importance of holistic approaches, partnerships, and joint efforts.

Raluca, our Head of Sustainability and Alexandra, our Head of Democracy and Human rights led the session Environmental Migration, which took place on Thursday, 27th of May.


The workshop was designed in such a way that it allowed the participants to:

  • learn about causes and effects of climate change;
  • consider personal contributions to climate change and how these affect others;
  • gather participants’ recommendations on how governments should respond to migration as a result of climate change.