02 June 2021

#GenderIDTalks, ALF Marathon for Dialogue in EuroMed: Panel 1 - Sustainable Development Goals and Intercultural Dialogue

On June 1 2021, the first live Panel of the #GenderIDTalks was held on GEYC's facebook page.

It was organised in partnership with Association la Voix de l'Enfant Rural -AVER / صوت الطفل الريفي and ANKA Youth Association in the frame of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in EuroMed. For information on the upcoming Panels click here.

The Panel focused on the importance of addressing women and gender stereotypes issues in order to achieve the SDGs and their target, as well as the relevance of Intercultural Dialogue to break down those stereotypes.

The Panel gathered stakeholders from Europe and EuroMed Region. The guest speakers were:

  • Dr. Anthony Giannoumis: action researcher, social entrepreneur, equality advocate and Associate Professor of Universal Design of ICT at OsloMet

  • Ana Mosiashvili: international coordinator in charge of Advocacy and Partnership for the Y-PEER Network and Co-Founder and Project Coordinator Center for Youth Development - XXI

  • Zinab ZIDAN: project Coordinator ALF Egyptian Network/ Intercultural debate trainer and dialogue facilitator

  • Stefania Kristindotti: founder of The East Iceland Women Network, member of FKA Women in business and management and The Icelandic Women Rights Association

  • Laura Azorín Latorre - project Manager of Social Hackers Academy

  • Dennis Fraters - founder and director of the German-Dutch organisation Clash! Exchange & Learning

They presented their vision of gender equality and how it can be integrated into an intercultural public and political discourse through the activism of the younger generation. Many of the projects that the guests carry out with their organisations aim to empower and encourage young women to participate in politics, in the job market, in the public debates and to improve their digital skills. 

Speakers also gave us brilliant opinions and solutions on how we can tackle gender stereotypes in an intercultural context:

  • Get out of your comfort zone, way of thinking and behaving. Training your empathy and start to look at the other person's perspective.

  • Don't wait for others to set an example. Be the leader, be the example that promotes gender equality.

  • Listen to women that have experienced discrimination

  • Promote non formal education to offer spaces to the youth to cope together and moving through the social taboos

  • Ensure meaningful participation in social and political activities 

Here are some of the speakers’ ideas:

In the field of gender equality, organisations like GEYC are active in promoting equality in Romania and worldwide with an intersectional approach. In the four fields managed by GEYC (Democracy & Human Rights, Digital, Entrepreneurship & Employability, Sustainability), the organisation embraces the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 5 - Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls - and applies it in all its activities 

Gender equality is an integral part of the creation and promotion of policies, projects, events, workshops and conferences. Youth and young female workers are the main target group. Creating a common consciousness within the youth community is crucial for broadening the horizon of the social battle and achieving real gender equality in the long run by changing people’s perception of the problem and reality.

An example of GEYC's day-to-day work is the  special edition of the #GEYCTalks organized for the International Women's Day on 8 March 2021. The event was held in Spanish, focusing on the challenges and opportunities of achieving gender equality in Europe and Latin America.