13 July 2019

Youth Exchange: Business to business, 22.05.2019-29.05.2019, Valmiera, Latvia

Have you ever wondered what is a business incubator? We had the opportunity to visit one in Valmiera and to find out that a business incubator is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services (such as management training or office space). In the project "Business to business", we were able to create work plans and to develop ideas from scratch.
Intercultural night
"It was set in a relaxing atmosphere, both physical, as we were accommodated in a forest, and psychical, due to the fact that the presentations were mainly delivered by the participants, who were sharing pieces of information from their experience. The intercultural nights were filled with adrenaline, as each country competed in Kahoot, then we used to enjoy the traditional food. My favorite activity was visiting the business incubator, Magnetic Latvia, as we got to understand the opportunities such a common space provides for startups and we were presented some MVPs developed within the incubator."Alexandra Florea

“This project was by far, useful for myself and I am sure, my colleagues have the same opinion. Apart from understanding everything there is to know about entrepreneurship, we had the possibilities to facilitate sessions and to help the other participants in their activities, thing that brought the group closer together. I also had the please to meet new people, to create contacts in other countries, with who I am sure I will collaborate in the future” Raluca Dumitrescu 

“What I liked the most was the diversity of the group, in terms of age and experience on the topic. It was a pleasure creating sessions on entrepreneurship and challenging the creativity of the participants. It was a great learning experience for everyone involved, definitely for me as well. I also appreciated the field visits to the youth center and to the business incubator in Valmiera, as well as the time dedicated to vote in the European Elections.” Alexandra Corbu (facilitator)

“The project “Business to Business” was held in a wonderful location in Valmiera, Latvia which helped provide inspiration for the topic. It was full of people from all kinds of cultures and experiences. Even though the experiences of the participants on the topic fluctuated from none to current entrepreneurs, everyone was active and contributed to the sessions equally and the content that got created through the workshops was high quality, with some ideas actually being amazing and ready to implement.” Razvan Irava

"This youth exchange offered me the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship, to exchange previous experience and knowledge from the facilitators and with different participants from different cultures. The location was beautiful, hidden in the forest, where we had a lot of challenging activities. Overall, we spent a beautiful week with great people in Valmiera, Latvia." Andrei-Roberto Tiutiuca

“For me this youth exchange was for sure an unforgettable experience. We spent the whole time there learning by sharing and by challenging us to think and be creative in activities. Our view about entrepreneurship opened to new ideas and opportunities. I enjoyed the quiet and beautiful location in the forest that kept us closer and more concentrated. I also really appreciated that the group of people was so diverse and that it was the friendliest and most creative group I’ve met.” Madalina Dan
Team building activities in Valmiera