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30 June 2019

Training Course: ABCreativity, 20.01.2019-28.01.2019, Leszno, Poland

ABCreativity was a 7 days Training Course for beginners on the topic of creativity and innovation and how to use it in our local communities and in our NGOs reality. It took place in Leszno, Wielkopolska, Poland and gathered participants from 8 countries – Poland, Romania, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain and Czech Republic. The project was organized by our partners from Fundacja Arena i Świat.

Creativity is a resource which helps to look for solutions in everyday life. It's a skill, which can be developed through methods. In practice, it's a catalyst for development, at any level. Creativity can ensure progress and economic growth, as well as fight current problems within a society. It's also seen as a source of development and a mean for social regeneration.

Some of the objectives of the project were:

  • To develop the concept of creativity, raise awareness and importance of it to the society, NGOs and to people;
  • To take creativity as the central discussion for inclusion and equality of people in the society nowadays;
  • To work on and develop creative tools to work with youth and raise quality of youth work in the organisations;
  • To equip youth workers with tools to develop creative thinking among youngsters, helping them to overcome challenges and empowering them to take actively part in the society;
Getting to know each other

GEYC was represented by Andra Dumitrica and Stefan Stan, which told us that "The ABCreativity project, held in Leszno, Poland, was one of the most intriguing and attractive projects we took part in, despite the fact that we have a rather extensive experience with Erasmus + actions.

Although the theme of the project sounded very attractive from the moment we applied, we recognize that our expectations have been greatly surpassed not only by the activities that have been carried out there. The organizers prepared everything thoroughly, on the one hand, and on the other hand the other participants responded positively to most of the activities, resulting in maximum involvement on both sides. Even if we initially had reservations about the location, we can say that now Leszno is like a second home for us, and we feel like we really left a part of us at the time of the departure. We recommend this type of project to any person, no matter how well prepared you come before, there are always new things we learn, thanks to non-formal education."

As outcomes of the projects, the participants and organizers created:
  • A Toolkit online, with all materials and information from the TC. Available here.
  • A magazine, with most of the materials all gathered together, available here
  • A Youtube Video available here 
More photos from the activity can be accessed here.