29 June 2019

EVS: A promised rose garden, 03.05.2019-02.06.2019, Agros, Cyprus

Not many of us can say that, one day, they had the courage to say "Yes, I'm going to leave my country and volunteer abroad!". Because there's a lot of thought that goes into a decision like that. But 4 young people from the GEYC Community did that for a month in Agros, Cyprus, and now they are sharing their awesome stories.

"One month! 
That's how long it took for us to form some bonds that will last a lifetime. For one month we were given the chance to live for the wellness of one small village in the heart of Cyprus, Agros with its marvellous scenery and amazing people (many of them being Romanians)." 

"For one month, 26 people from 7 different countries, had to make sure that this place will be ready to host 20.000 souls for the renowned Rose Festival, which takes place during 2 weekends in May. For that, the volunteers had to work together in a multicultural environment, all of them with the same goal: Making Agros Great Again. 

We started a bit shy, but as time went by and as we got to know one another, things began to take a turn for the best, as fun, alcohol and LOTS of fun were present every single night during this EVS. The first and second intercultural nights are the staples of this statement, as we had fun dancing and getting to know one another, joyful as we were from the loads of alcohol served by us to give the others some small glimpse of the cultures present there.
Getting to the more serious business, for most of us the work we did was wholesome as we got to help the community in doing things like making sure that the roads are clear of any debris, picking up the roses (and waking up at 5 to do that) and the main point of the project, taking care of the Rose Festival by cleaning, working at the bar, facilitating a game, giving people free tours there and some rose water to feel it purifying their skin.
The Romanian volunteers

All in all, that month for us was something that we will never forget, as the group was the best and the work we did actually impacted the population of Agros in a meaningful way. I would love someday to come back to the village with all the people from the EVS and reminisce at what we did for that time and have a blast once more." - Ancuta, Carmen, Cristiana & Calin