27 July 2017

Our collegue, Sabina Niculescu, shared with EFYL participants her experience in “Inclusion” TC from Vasto, Italy

Sabina Niculescu participated in the end of May to a training course organized by Associazione “Let's Keep Learning” among with other three Romanian participants. The training course focused on artistic and non-formal methods useful for facilitating the inclusion of people in disfavor.

During her workshop in the EFYL bootcamp on 22nd of July, Sabina Niculescu presented the methods learned, her experience in Vasto and few tips and tricks for the participants as future group leaders.

One of the most effective method in non-formal education that was presented during the training course to Sabina and later on to the EFYL participants was „theater of the oppressed”. This activity was a great opportunity for all the participants from the training to express their opinions and their point of view, as Sabina mentioned. 

During Inclusion training course organized in Vasto, Italy I managed to overcome my limits and get our of my comfort zone. The training course was a great opportunity to grow and socialize with the other participants. The course was focused on emotions, inner peace and tried to create an authentic and strong connection between the participants. Also, I identify that the methods used during the activities helped the participants to interact and communicate better. The most efficient methods were „theatre of the opressed” and music and photography workshop. All this activities were meant to emphasize the idea of „other” and how to integrate them in the grup.” - Sabina Niculescu