29 July 2016

We are the champions: empowerment for employability [Training course in Italy]

GEYC is selecting 4 Romanian participants, to take part in "We are the champions: empowerment for employability" European project that will take place in Ferrara, Italy from 27.11. to 04.12.2016. The main aim of the training course is providing youth workers with competences for supporting disadvantaged NEETs youngsters in the process of realigning their own life-paths with a view to enhancing their employability. Deadline: 9 August 2016 | Apply now!

Why is employability important?
In a globalized society where you can find McDonald's in almost every country and more shopping malls per sqare meter than the actual people living there, this type of society has alose brought the phonomena of Diploma Disease.

According to Ronald Dore in the book Diploma Disease "Schools used to be for educating people, for developing minds and characters. Today, as jobs depend more and more on certificates, degrees and diplomas, aims and motives are changing.". True, at least at the time when the book was released (1997), the chase for fancy papers just started, but let's look at it from our point of view, the youths from 2016. We are still trying to catch the laminated words but as Dore said, the aims and motives are really changing. Companies started to accept skills rather than degrees, a clearly example we can see in the IT sector. The skills that one is posseing can also be called degree of employability. So, ask yourself, how employable am i?

Join us in the training course "We are the champions: empowerment for employability" and you can raise your degree of employability by aquiring competences in the employement field.

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