27 May 2016

Training for trainers: an intensive learning experience in Sweden

“Good learning never stops with the end of training course. It only begins then.”

Between 9th of May and 17th of May, GEYC took part in “T4T - Training for trainers” Erasmus+ Training Course held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The aim of the project was to train youth workers to become trainers and provide them with the theory, skills and tools necessary to design, implement and evaluate effective training programs in order to generate optimum learning outcomes and improved performance.

The training course brought together young people from from 7 countries: UK, Sweden, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Macedonia and Estonia. For a good learning environment all the activities have been held in English and the method used the non-formal education.

The organizers of this project were an NGO from UK - OpportUNITY Global and a group of international students from Sweden - Newality: Up2YOUth. The participants were accommodated in typical Swedish cottages located in Liseberg Village. Despite of the name, the village is located in the city area within only 25 mins tram ride from the Central station.

Alexandra and Cornelia (Coco) have decided to share their experience with us.

“I am very impressed of this Erasmus+ training and I want to thank GEYC for this OpportUnity. It was my first experience in this kind of projects and I have to say that I would repeat it anytime. I think that Newality did a very good job in organizing this entire project - the accommodation was nice and tidy, even if a little bit small. The food, oh my God, the food! I experienced all of the Swedish special treats. Natasha (the organizer) is lovely and she was eager to help us in every small issue that occurred. The city is nice and I enjoyed our free time. People there are very calm, well dressed, tall and blond! It was very nice to be part of the Romanian team together with Coco and Victor. We managed to get involved very well in the project activities and to organize a special "Romanian dinner". All the participants were interested in getting to know each other, sharing life experiences, both professional and personal. I have learned counting to ten in Portuguese and I took part in the "Balkans have talent" contest!!! 
The training team was fun and we learned a lot from them! I felt that after the first day we all knew each other since forever. Nick and Mojo (the trainers) held this training in a very proficient way. I felt that I was involved in a good training, full of information and activities. I really forgot about my job and I fell in love with the idea of being a trainer.  
I consider this to be an excellent experience that will help me a lot in my future projects and I really hope to meet again some of the people involved in this project!” 

“The T4T project was my 2nd training course and my 4th Erasmus+ project. After seeing the open-call the decision to apply and participate was simple, as I knew how well organized and serious are my colleagues from GEYC, to whom I would like to say thanks for making this happen for me. It`s difficult to explain in few words the experience that I had, but I can actually make a comparison with other projects I attended. The biggest difference in this project was all about intensive learning. Our minds were constantly connected throughout the days and topics and every workshop was really well organized, precise and specific. I can actually say that sometimes, after one day of work, siting and reflecting about how the day went I could find myself in a “WOW” state of mind, simply “WOW, unbelievable, how much I achieved today”! 
I was very aware at every point about how engaged I was in the subjects and in the same time, how I was gaining experience, knowledge, skills, exactly the things and tools I was expecting to achieve by attending to this project.  
I would surely recommend at any given time, for any future trainer or facilitator, to choose such a project. For me, the methodologies and commitment of the trainers in this non-formal education setting, was proven to be a very useful step towards my future aims and objectives. 
PS. I see myself obliged to mention another very important accomplishment in my 9 day trip to Gothenburg: I was in the Amusement Park in my first roller-coaster and it was awesome!!! Special thanks to Victor (Ro) and Andrea (Croatia) for supporting me while I was screaming!! :)) “