02 January 2015

Call for 3 Romanian participants: Training course in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Jan. - Feb. 2015

GEYC is selecting 3 Romanian participants to take part in the “Erasmus plus us” European project that will take place in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, from January 27th to February 5th 2015. This training course will bring together a group of 30 youth workers, project coordinators and youth activists coming from the Programme Countries and will give them a chance to get more in-depth knowledge about the new Erasmus+ programme, which started on January 1st 2014. 

Please notice that this call is for Romanian participants only.
Other applications will not be considered. Deadline: 10.01.2015. Apply now!

About the project
The result of this TC will be stronger cooperation between participating NGOs coming from Programme Countries, as well as, greater knowledge of the new programme. What's more, we want to finish the TC with three or four concrete Erasmus + projects, which will be submitted for the deadline of February 4th 2015.

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Newcastle is a vibrant British city well known for its campuses and youth population

Dates: January 27th to February 5th 2015. Participants must arrive at the meeting point (to be announced) in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom by 18:00 local time.

Available places: 3 participants

  • until 10th of January - submitting the application forms;
  • until 13th of January - selection of participants, notifications and confirmations (paying the participation fee - please notice that the participation fee is non-reimbursable);
  • after 13th  of  January: organizers will arrange the travel details (please be ready to cover your travel costs). GEYC will support you throughout the booking process and the reimbursement procedure;
  • between 27th of January and 5th of February: the training course takes place: enjoy British culture, intercultural exchange and enhance your knowledge about youth projects.

Participant profile
  • Must be youth workers, project coordinators and/or volunteers
  • Must be experienced trainers and/or facilitators, who have already written and implemented international youth projects.
  • Must have previous experience in voluntary work and international projects.
  • Must speak fluent English

Selection criteria
  • Personal and professional motivation;
  • Gender balance;
  • Age: participants over 18 years old;
  • Fluent English level;
  • GEYC volunteers and GEYC Community applicants will have priority to participate;

Financial details
The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission:
  • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs;
  • Transport cost up to 360 EUR per participant.

The travel expenses will be reimbursed to participants upon submission of the following documents: a complete set of originals of travel expense documents: tickets, credit card slips with stamp from the relevant bank and/or original travel agency receipt.
Reimbursement of the relevant amount will be made via participants’ organisations’ bank account only after receiving the participants’ original tickets and boarding passes at the mailing address of British organisers.

Participants will be required to cover:
  • a participation fee covering administrative costs for this project (the fee will be paid in RON, by bank transfer at the exchange rate given by the ING Bank for the day of payment; the fee will be paid after the participants are selected. Please don't pay any fee before you receive the confirmation e-mail): 50 EUR for GEYC Community (please note that for this call we will consider the members that joined the Community before January 2nd, 2015) applicants and 80 EUR for other applicants (GEYC active volunteers are not required to pay the participation fee);
  • transport cost- only the amount exceeding 360 EUR (if this is the case);
  • (if needed) medical insurance;
  • (if needed) any other personal costs.

Relevant information 

In order to travel to UK, Romanian participants should own a valid ID card or passport.
Arrangements regarding medical insurance are the responsibility of the participants.
In order to be reimbursed, Romanian participants should travel to UK only from Romania.
If this is the first time you apply for a GEYC mobility, please make sure you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions. Applying for this project is your confirmation that you fully agree with these conditions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us through the Contact form or by Facebook (as a private message). Please mention ”TC UK” when you contact us.

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