16 January 2015

Why participating in MUNs/MEUs is one of the best decisions you could ever make

Are you interested in international affairs?
Did you always want to try debating in a multinational context?
GEYC is here to give you some more info about some of the best political simulations available at the moment.

If you like debating the latest events and you are always eager to find out more information about politics, economy or international relations, you should probably take into consideration expanding your knowledge by taking part in a political simulation.

What is a political simulation, you might wonder. 

Well, my friend, a political simulation is an academic process that implies young people, as delegates, coming together from different parts of the world, in order to debate specific topics.
No matter if you participe in a Model United Nations simulation and you are placed in different committees and assigned a country or an organization to represent or in a Model European Union and you take on the role of a member of the European Parliament or the Council of the European Unionn, a journalist or a lobbyist, a political simulation gives you the perfect opportunity to learn about diplomacy, politics and current affairs
It allows you to practice your public speaking and debating abilities and gives you a different perspective about politics and international affairs. 

Political simulations represent a unique educational experience that give you the opportunity to become part of a network of youngsters interested in similar topics, that will stimulate your role as an active citizen in your community.

There is a large number of simulations being organized for specific age-groups, all over the world, high school and university conferences being the most common. They are usually organized by student organizations attached to universities or NGOs linked with political institutions. But they might as well be organized independently, through student clubs.

Most simulations are hosted by educational institutions, high school or universities, while others take place in specific political institutions, such as the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

GEYC scooped around and put together a list of some of the most notorious MUN/MEU simulations in Europe. Check it out!


  • Model European Union Istanbul (MEUistanbul), Istanbul, Turkey
  • Zvolen Model United Nations (ZvoMUN), Zvolen, Slovakia
  • Istanbul Erkek Lisesi Model United Nations (IELMUN), Istanbul, Turkey
  • Rotaract International Model United Nations Conference (RotaMUN), London, United Kingdom (September 4-7)
  • Istanbul Technical University Model United Nations (ITUMUN), Istanbul, Turkey (September 26-28)
  • University of Salerno Model United Nations (UNISAMUN), Salerno, Italy (September 29-October 3)

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