20 July 2014

Call for applicants - New Media Ambassadors (6th generation)

In order to promote, develop and enrich GEYC Resources Center, we launch a call for candidates for the position of "New Media Ambassador", a 3 months practical training in the field of social media, multimedia, PR and communication skills.
After the great success of our previous editions, we invite you too apply for NMA 5th and NMA 6th editions!

The deadline for submitting the application form is 01/09/2014. APPLY NOW!

The context

GEYC Resources center offers a wide variety of online free tools aimed to help both individuals and organizations in their work. Our center is aimed to support "Young People Combating Hate Speech On-line" campaign of Council of Europe.

Courtesy of Social Beatles team (NMA4)
New Media Ambassador profile

  • ability to communicate in English;
  • ability to communicate by e-mail/Facebook on a daily basis;
  • basic experience in using social media and multimedia tools;
  • sense of initiative, creativity, responsibility, self-management;

Practical training

  • The New Media Ambassador has the role to promote, develop and contribute to GEYC Resources Center during the practical training. More information will be provided during practical training preparation;
  • 3 months period:   NMA 6 (15/09/2014 - 15/12/2014);
  • involvement: at least 5-10 hours/week, there will be weekly tasks do be done;
  • other activities will be done at the initiative of the candidate, therefore, it could be online or at local level in order to not require any cost on behalf of the candidate;


  • until 01/09/2014: submission of application form;
  • until 05/09/2014: notification of results;
  • until 10/09/2014: signing the volunteering contract and submitting a 500X500 picture for our website;
  • starting with 15/09/2014 (NMA 6): practical training, mentoring and support;
  • 2-3 weeks after the end of the practical stage: submission of report by the New Media Ambassador;
  • 2-3 weeks after the report submission: submission of recommendation from GEYC;


  • getting/ improving their communication, social media, multimedia skills;
  • working in an intercultural team, sharing experiences and working together with other New Media Ambassadors, networking;
  • time/location flexibility (everybody can work from home as long as they dispose an Internet connection and they are able to speak in English);
  • the title of "New Media Ambassador" could be a great asset for their CV; 
  • signing a volunteering contract which will be a great asset for their personal portfolio;
  • getting a recommendation to enhance the practical training according to the main achievements in order to facilitate the future employment of the volunteer;
  • being presented on our website;


  • as the internship takes place online, you are not required to relocate, therefore no costs related to travel or acommodation will be involved;
  • if you are unsure you will be available to work online 5-10 hours per week, every week, maybe it's not the moment for you to apply;


If you need any further details, please contact us through our Faceebook page. Please specify in your message that you intend to apply for NMA 6.