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11 July 2013

Hand in hand against violence - Isparta, Turkey

From 3rd July to 9th July, GEYC participated to an  "Hand in hand against violence’’ European project organized in Isparta, Turkey with the financial support of "Youth in action’’ programme. 

The objective of the course was to discuss, to find different ways of violence and to learn how to avoid violence and how to manage violent situations that appears every day in our life. We also tried to analyse the violence in each participating country: Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Belarus. 

The discussions focused on the following topics: 
  • Violence against women in EU;
  • Prevention of violence and different types of violence in the society;
  • Implementations of new ideas and projects in each country to sustain the victims of violence;
  • Gender discrimination;
The main goal of the project was to make people to understand that violence is a serious problem nowadays and if we are not doing anything to change it, nobody will do. It was really interesting to bring our experience there and to find another cases of violence in other cultures. 

"We think everybody learned from everybody. All of us had experiences with some kinds of violence and this thing helped us to talk openly and to become more motivated to change something in our countries In the end of the project we were like a big multicultural family. We already knew how everybody is thinking and acting. It was a great experience because we had fun learning. We haven't just talk every day. Role play, ice-break games, long walks on the beach around the beautiful lake helped us to realize that no matter that we belong Roma, Russian or Armenian minorities, we are people and we should care and love each other."