06 October 2012

Formal education meets nonformal learning

From 3rd to 11th November 2012, GEYC will take part at "Formal education meets nonformal learning, the competence based approach" - a "Youth in action" training course organized by K.A.NE organization in Kalamata, Greece.

Description of the training course: 
Which are the challenges a youth worker, youth leader, teacher, educator faces today? How can you motivate the learners? Can the combination of formal and non-formal education involve the learners into the lifelong learning process? Competence based approach, self-assessment and learning portfolios; how can you use them for your group of learners? 

The issue of the competence-based approach is very important in Europe’s labor market today. Skills being acquired through non-formal learning methodology are very much appreciated in almost all sections of personal and professional development. Many researches have shown that individuals who are having additional, to their formal educational background, skills and competences are having more opportunities in finding a well paid job and continue their life long learning path. This training course aims to offer clear learning results in terms of using non-formal learning methodology and easy-to-use tools at the field of the competence based approach.

In this European training course will attend participants coming from 11 countries: Italy, Estonia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria.