13 March 2011

Raising awareness - Building united Europe

From 18th to 25th June 2011, GEYC will take part in "Raising awareness - Building united Europe", a training course in the frame of "Youth in action" program which will be held in Stuttgart, Germany.

Short description:
Target group of this project will be youth leaders coming from different mixed communities from Europe, divided by religious, ethnic and/or cultural differences. The project aims are to raise the awareness of youth leaders coming from various youth structures (organizations, clubs, informal groups) about the importance of accepting differences and living together in integrated multicultural societies. Thus, the project tends to make the participants more aware about different issues related to identity, cultural belonging, prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination and intercultural sensitivity. In this way, the project is expected to support the personal development of the participants by making them more tolerant, open minded, respectful and ready to live and work together with people from other ethnic, religious and/or cultural groups.

In addition, the project also aims to encourage youth leaders to act as multipliers by working with and making impact on the other young people from their communities. Thus, the training course will be also aimed at supporting participants’ development as PEER educators and youth workers. The activity program will include sessions in the field of non-formal education and preparing workshops for young people, and it will also offer an opportunity for the participants to practice their skills for designing and implementing workshops for young people. We expect that this will result in follow-up activities that would be implemented by the participants in their home countries, after their participation in the training course. In this way, we hope to make an impact with this project to much greater number of young people from around Europe.