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03 January 2011

Annual report 2010

In the lines below you will find a summary of our activities in 2010.

Intercultural projects

Research projects




  • (December 3rd, Bucharest, Romania) - ”Organizational change - leading dynamic organizations” - a seminar held by Junior Achievement Romania;
  • (October, 20th, 2010, Bucharest, Romania) - ”The crisis of statism and the way out” - conference held by ”Ludwig von Mises” - Romania Institute;
  • (October, 12th, 2010, Bucharest, Romania) - ”Learn how to make a choice! Private pension, a ”young” decision” - seminar held by CSSPP in partnership with ASE and Students Senate;
  • (October, 7th, 2010, Bucharest, Romania) - "Nongovernmental sector after 20 years - achievements and chalenges" - conference held by FDSC;
  • (September 2010, 22nd, Bucharest, Romania) - ”Entrepreneur 360” Forum organized by BizCampus Network;
  • (September 2010, 15th, Bucharest, Romania) - "What is the future of social economy in Romania?" - conference held by FDSC within the strategic project "Prometeus" financed by POS DRU (SOP HRD);
  • (September, 2nd-8th, 2010, Arieseni, Alba county, Romania) - "Photography and speleology camp" organized by the National Authority of Sports and Youth from Romania;
  • (August 29th - September 2010, 5th, Poiana Brasov, Brasov county, Romania) - "Recruitment and job equality" training course organized by the University of Bucharest in the same named project financed by POS DRU (SOP HRD); 
  • (August 2010, 18th-24th, Eforie Nord, Constanta county, Romania) - The  project "The borders of knowledge - PR & Communication modulus" held  by the National Authority of Sports and Youth from Romania;
  • (July, 16-18, 2010, Predeal, Prahova County, Romania) -  "Career planning and guidance" training course organized by "Young Goldfish Association" and ONG SIS with the financial support of Soros Foundation
  • (July, 7th;21th, 2010, Bucharest, Romania) - ”PR Boutique” training course organized by Russenart Communications;  
  • (May, 3rd-5th, 2010; Bucharest, Romania) - ”National Arts Festival for Highschool students Florian Pittiș” organized by the Students Council of National Highschool ”Gheorghe Lazăr”;