02 May 2022

The Rights Hero: our new KA2 project!

Here we go again, sharing excitedly a new initiative, “The Rights Hero”, powered by Erasmus+, and implemented by GEYC, alongside DIKTIO GIA TA DIKAIOMATA TOU PAIDIOU, THEOFANIS ALEXANDRIDIS KAI SIA EE, ACTION SYNERGY SA and the 49TH PRIMARY SCHOOL OF ATHENS (Greece), ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE COOPERAZIONEINTERNAZIONALE SUD SUD (Italy) and Crossing Borders (Denmark).

What is the project about?

Children's awareness of their rights is a necessary precondition for their civic engagement and democratic participation. This is why the respect of children's rights as a particularly important category is a highlight among the European values, as they are illustrated by the UN Convention on the Children’s Rights.

We aim to promote and increase knowledge on the children's rights, especially through national school systems, by suggesting effective and fun ways to bring up the discussion in the classrooms.


  • Increase of the children's awareness of their rights;
  • Increase of civic engagement and democratic participation of the children as a result of an improved knowledge of their rights;
  • Increase of the capacity of teachers to organise workshops and discussions in the school in relation with the rights of the children;
  • Increase of the use of gamification as a method in order to approach the issue of the rights of the children.


  • Development, with the active participation of the children, of an online game in relation with the rights of the children. The game will be developed by professional game developers, tested and made available for free in various languages.
  • Spreading the use of the game in the educational system accompanied with a handbook with easy, interactive instructions for teachers and educators.
  • Training programmes for educators, done through webinars that will be organised in the partner countries, in English for a wider target audience. 
  • Preparation and execution of a social media awareness campaign targeted to children in the age group 9-15 and the general public, peaking on the Universal Children’s Day (November 20), to be centered around children’s rights in their day-to-day life with a specific focus on child participation, at a national level, using mainly social media as a tool.

Tangible results:

  • Electronic Game “The Rights Hero”, in English, Greek, Danish, Italian, Romanian;
  • Training Material for the training of teachers;
  • Impact Assessment Report.
This month, our team will travel to Palermo, Italy, for the kickoff meeting of the project, so stay tuned for more news! 

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary