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12 December 2021

#PRORuralHeritage Joint Staff Training- Moncalieri, Italy


The end of the year was full of amazing experiences. Two of our colleagues went to Moncalieri, to the first joint staff training of the KA2 Erasmus+ project- #PRORuralHeritage, where they were hosted by partners from Diramarsi.

During the training days, our colleagues got a chance to get immersed in the local culture coming in contact with rural customs, food preserving strategies, vegetable and fruit growing strategies, farm development strategies put in place by local entrepreneurs, local businesses and locals happy to host them. Apart from having a very intense time getting to know the locals themselves, they also got to be really productive, starting working on the outputs of the project, setting up the guidelines for the project's next event- the blended learning mobility, all while getting familiar with situations from their own countries, through research and discussions.

All in all, it was a productive and unforgettable experience. You can see some of it in the next pictures. Stay tuned for more information about the development of the project.