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14 December 2021

CODEMI - Empowering disadvantaged communities through coding and digital entrepreneurship: First online meeting


On December 14th, we had our first online meeting with the consortium, and thus officially started CODEMI - Empowering disadvantaged communities through coding and digital entrepreneurship. This is a KA220 Project, co-financed through the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, coordinated by Peace Action Community Estonia MTÜ (Estonia), in partnership with GEYC (Romania), Réseau Solidaire et Participatif (France) and Social Hacker (Greece).

CODEMI aims at expanding a network of digital skills schools all around Europe, increasing their impact on the most vulnerable groups in their communities. On one hand, it addresses the demand for digital skills among the human workforce in the EU labour market and on the other, the employability and inclusion of migrants and ethnic minorities in Europe. During the project, we will develop an Online Coding Programme, an Online Mentoring Programme and an Impact research report on digital education for ethnic minorities and migrants. 

The specific objectives of this project are:
  • Strengthening the already existing network of organisations working with digital education and enabling the exchange of good-case practices, capitalising on the different perspectives & ideas that each partner can contribute with. 
  • Raising the efficiency of the hiring processes of the educational programs’ graduates, by building cooperation with different actors in the fields such as corporates and investing in practical employability skills.
  • Amending the educational materials already taught (curriculum, accredited courses, ICDL certification) in order to foster & ensure employability, socio-educational and personal development.
  • Sharing the produced materials and practices among the consortium’s partners and other organisations, as well.
  • Assessing the quality, impact and relevance of the non-formal education methods that will be used in the classroom, in the coding programs.

At the end of January, we will have our first transnational meeting, the kick-off meeting in Estonia, to ensure the high quality of this project and further develop our partnership with the partnering organisations.