15 November 2021

Joint Staff training Empactpreneuriat


Representatives of all consortium partners took part in the Staff Training in Clermont-Ferrand, France for #Empactpreneuriat, aiming to get the skills to better assess the impact & influence of EU youth in the community building process, the attainment of SDGs and overall the creation of sustainable communities through youth participation & entrepreneurship.

The training, hosted by Association Resopa & CISCA, aimed to raise the capacity of our organizations on impact measurement, to better evaluate the impact of the entrepreneurial activities analyzed in the first intellectual output of the project.

GEYC was represented by our general manager, Gabriel Brezoiu, and by our colleagues Alexandra Peca, Hunor Mihaly Borcsa and Claudiu Sulea. Their schedule for the training days was:

> Day 1: the first day was an introduction to the various concepts (SDGs, community building, youth work) as linked to impact assessment. GEYC introduced the results of the EuroIMPACT Plus KA2 project and EQYP standard of quality in European Youth Work (geyc.ro/eqyp) in order to transfer the outcomes at the consortium level; 

> Day 2: the second day had a focus on equipping participants with relevant tools as linked to the subject matter, the share of practices from various participants based on their various local communities in order to aliment the topic and the learning process; 

> Day 3: the third day was dedicated to visits to local initiatives in the Clermont Auvergne region which helped inspire participants on the topic and equip them with innovative tools and practices. The day  ended with brainstorming sessions and discussions based on the things learned during the training and the various visits, aiming to transfer the learning outcomes to their reality.