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22 June 2021

The start of the Erasmus+ KA2 project CREAction4EU

Today, 22nd of June 2021, part of the GEYC team was present at the Kickoff Meeting of the Erasmus+ KA2 project, CREAction4EU, taking place in Clermont-Ferrand, France, with some of the representatives of the partners joining remotely.

The primary objective of CREAction 4 EU is to promote youth participation in European civic life through digital means and envisioning the new narrative that takes into account the evolving reality of the European continent, strongly affected by the current pandemic. The project addresses this challenge through innovative ways of building up the capacity of youth to be able to contribute and demonstrate their solidarity in a time of crisis, participating in the decision-making process and taking responsibility for shaping a sustainable common future. The active citizenship and the value of solidarity will be vehiculated through creative channels, both online and offline, and fostered by social entrepreneurship in the creative sectors. 

Our aim is therefore to raise awareness on the importance of active citizenship through social entrepreneurship, specifically focused on the creative industries. This will impact on the motivation of young people to be engaged in future careers related to creative businesses.

The methodology underlying the project involves an in-depth research about good practices in the creative sector and the successful experience of the NMA Methodology tailored on the creative industry needs. Young people will be also encouraged to think about their own artistic/cultural social enterprise. These new ideas will be the main focus of the final document of the project, which will be basically a practical Guide on how to build up a creative business.

The project consortium is made up of:
In order to reach the objectives, the consortium will produce the following intellectual outputs (IOs) over the course of the next 24 months:

  • IO1 CREAction 4 EU Handbook for youth workers - the main goal is to provide youth workers with COVID validated, detailed and concise creative business models in different fields of the creativity domains to train young people. Expected result: per each entrepreneurial domain in the creativity sector, youth workers will be provided with a work plan with practical information, creative business models to manage and handle workshops via distance learning as well.
  • IO2 CREAction 4 EU Ambassadors Methodology – based on the successful experience of the NMA Methodology tailored on the creative industry needs, youth will be provided with competences in creative entrepreneurship, design thinking methodology, new media skills etc. through a blended learning experience. Expected result: youth will acquire precious information regarding all the process of creative and cultural management.
  • IO3 CREAction 4 EU Learning scenarios for youth - young people will experience gamified simulations concerning social entrepreneurship in the creative sector and the whole process of creative and cultural management by testing the knowledge acquired so far. Expected result: youngsters will learn social/creative entrepreneurship competences thanks to the gamified and edutainment approach.
  • IO4 My CREAction 4 EU Guide - young people with help of youth workers will design the instructions on how to build up and run their own social/creative venture. Expected result: creation of the Guide and of a networking event by young people with the support of youth workers.

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