24 November 2020

Black Sea Forum 2020: Resilience in times of crisis. GEYC’s response.

GEYC joined the Black Sea Forum 2020: Advancing Civil Society Cooperation in the Black Sea Region in Times of Uncertainty, 23rd – 27th of November 2020 where our colleague Gabriel Brezoiu was invited as a speaker in the Panel III Achievements of the Black Sea NGO Forum in 2020.

This year, GEYC ran the Black Sea Regional Cooperation mission hosted by ANKA Youth Association in Ankara, Turkey. The working meeting had the following objectives: 
  • discovering the organizational context at a deeper level between GEYC and Anka Project Team; 
  • exchanging best practices/ lessons learned, multiplying successful tools in the field of working with volunteers, stakeholders, fundraising, and sustainable development; 
  • identifying concrete ways to raise the quality of youth work and the organizational involvement at the Black Sea regional level;

"Black Sea Region countries are particularly vulnerable during the COVID19 crisis considering the level of poverty faced by the citizens in many of their regions, the waves of disinformation, the political instability, and the geopolitical conflicts in the area. In this fragile context, civil society organizations need to play a key role in supporting the populations in need, particularly youth, elderly, and vulnerable groups.." (Gabriel Brezoiu, General Manager of GEYC)


Find out more about the event here.