19 March 2019

Memorial Walk through the Communist Bucharest

Last week we have organized a memorial walk of the Communist Bucharest in the context of the 9th anniversary of GEYC Community and the 30th commemoration of the 1989 Revolution in Romania.

The participants started in Romana Square, a popular youth meeting place now and then where they started their journey through history, culture and meanings. They had the chance to observe the building architecture, to ask questions and to share their own thoughts about that time.

The tour ended in front of the “Palace of Parliament”, formerly known as the “House of People” the huge building that made its way to the Guinness Records as the biggest civil building in the world and the heaviest one. The participants got to learn some of the legends of this place such as conspiracy theories, secret tunnels and passages, anti-atomic bunkers and weird deaths of the workers during the construction of the building.

This is a follow up activity of the Remembrance seminar organized by the Council of Europe – YouthDepartment in Moscow, Russia.